Privacy policy

General Clause

The personal information processing policy (“Privacy policy) of Fronty, Inc. (“Fronty” or “the company”) explains the policy how the company’s app and the website collect, use and share personal identification information of users and visitors.
By using the app and the website the users agree with the current version of the Privacy policy. In order to make inquiries about the Privacy policy, please contact the e-mail address of the department in charge of Fronty,


The app and the website managed by the company are not provided to the youth under 13 years old. Accordingly the personal information of children under 13 years old is not collected intentionally. If the user confirms that the children provided the personal information without the user’s consent, it is required to make inquiry to and inform the related facts and take appropriate measures. If the company discovers that the personal information about a child under 13 years old was collected, the correspondent information will be deleted. Children under 13 years old cannot register accounts and use the app or the website. An individual under 18 years old can use the app and the website under the participation, supervision and approval of parents or the legal guardian.

Personal identification information collection and usage policy

The company’s main purpose of personal information is to provide safe, natural, efficient and customized service to the users using the app and the website. It helps the company to satisfy the needs of the users using the app and the website, also allows the company to improve usability and provide the service more adjusted for the convenience of the users.
The user can use the part of the app and the website provided by the company without provision of personal identification information. The usage right for the specific features of the app and the website including video chat sessions and educational conversation lessons are granted to the user, only if the user registers the information required by the company, including the personal identification information.
The company can improve the app and the website by using the personal identification information collected from the users. The company may use the personal identification information for the following and other purposes:

• Provision of the information to the company for the purpose of the user account generation, maintenance and management
• For the purpose of the identification verification and the prevention of illegal access
• For the features of the app and the website provided to the users
• For the personalization of the contents and the service which are shown according to the basic settings and individual characteristics of the user
• For the purpose of the improvement of the app, the website and other products of the company
• For the purpose of the composition of the statistical data about the service
• For the purpose of the notification of advertising information about the events etc.
• For the purpose of the payment and the charging for the usage of the paid service
• For the purpose of the notification of the amendments of the contract and the policy that might influence the usage of the app and the website in order to resolve the problem between the company and the users (for example, in order to protect the ownership and/or the intellectual property right of the company or the third party) and provide instructions of the contract between the company and the user

Information collected from the users registered in the app and the website and the method of usage


In order to use the app and the website of the company, the user must provide correct and accurate information without falsehood while registering the account. The information like a password, image and video files, and a user’s location could be collected, including (i) the proper username and password, (ii) the e-mail address, (iii) the country of residence, (iv) the language information (v) the gender. The app and the website of the company is used for the personalized service of the user according to the initial settings of the user. For example, by using the county information the app and the website may provide the list of tutors locating in the same country as the user’s.

Usage information

The company collects following information about the usage of the app and the website in order to provide more improved service to the users:
(ⅰ) Time of access to the app and the website (ⅱ) Time and quantity of video chat sessions (iii) Information about the usage of the app and the website’s features (iv) inflow route etc.
Also in order to confirm the specific information about the app and the website Google Analytics(Web log analysis service) provided by Google is used based on the log files and cookies (confer written above). The service provides the analysis and statistics data in order to allow analysis the usage of the company’s website.
The user can acquire more detailed information about the method of weblog information collection using the Google weblog analysis in

Device information

If the user uses the app provided by the company, the individual identification information about the device used to access the app is collected with other information, such as:
(I) Type of the device (ⅱ) Operating system (III) Mobile communication company (ⅳ) Language settings (ⅳ)Device ID


In order to use the paid service of the app provided by the company, such as the video chat, the learner must make the payment to purchase the amount required before beginning the video caht session. The learner makes the purchase via payment systems of the other companies (including PayPal). Accordingly such third party companies must provide the information used for the purchase and payment. The company cannot access to the purchase information, except for the identification about the learner’s purchase and the amount of purchase. While using the purchase and the payment information, the policy of other companies of the payment system is applied. The company may use the individual identification information and the purchase information used for the remittance, in order to transfer the income of the tutors registered and working in the app of the company.

The record of the sessions

In order to provide the features and the service for the video chats between the learners and the tutors, the company uses live video platform of TokBox Inc. The records of the video chat sessions are storage in the server run by TokBox Inc., and TokBox Inc. grants the company the access right to the records. The server operated by TokBox Inc. storages the records of video chats and provides the company with the access to the storage data. TokBox receives and storages the information of personally unidentified character, such as the total minutes of streaming, the number of proper users’ sessions, collected users’ information and statistics, including the information about the service condition, regarding the operation of the vido platform of the TokBox, based on the effective date of the Privacy Policy.
The information storage in the server of TokBox can be shared with the subsidiary companies, agents, service providers and the present or future business partners of TokBox.
TokBox uses the information written above in order to provide, improve and upgrade the product and the service for the existing business purposes and other legal business purposes as well. If the user requires detailed information about the information collection, usage and disclosure policy of TokBox, the user may make inquiries to TokBox using the number of the user (Official website of TokBox:
If the user participates in the video chat session provided in the app, the session is recorded. The company may use such records without limitations for the purpose related to the internal administration of the company, such as the improvement of the service, the resolution of conflicts, the education through recorded video clips, the monitoring purposes, the tutor evaluations etc.
For the reviewing purpose, the records of sessions might be presented to the user or other users individually via the website or the app for the purpose of the improvement of the service. According to the clause 4 of the article 9 of the Terms of service, the company has the right to use the records.


For the purpose of tutors registration, the company requires and acknowledges following information: age, gender, the country of birth and ethnical background, language, educational level, interests, certificate information etc. The tutors agree that such information will be utilized to provide personalized service to the learners by recommending and matching the tutors with the learners based on the personal information. The learners also may utilize the personal information provided by the tutors in order to find and select the tutor within the app.


If the user sends personal mails to the company in the forms of the feedback, electronic mails, texts, postal mails etc; the company collects the information sent from the users. The company uses collected information for the purpose of the customers service, conflict resolution, legal problem resolution etc., and storages the information if needed.

Company introduction, Communication via the app or the website

Special events and updates

The company may send to the users the information related to the products, the service, the special goods and the promotions using the e-mail addresses provided by the users.
Also the company may send e-mails with commercial marketing and promotional contents. Therefore the company will also provide an option to refuse receiving such e-mails. Without the users consent the company does not provide the personal identification information to the third person for the marketing purpose.

Push alarm service

The user can receive notifications from the app using the push alarm service. The push alarm may contain usual information, and the information about the product, the service, special offers and promotions. The user consents with receiving alarms sent to the user via the app.

The service related notifications

The company may send notifications related to the service, if it is considered to be important aspect for the users regarding the service. For example, if the app, the website and the service provided by the company is temporarily terminated for the maintenance reasons, the company may send the e-mails to the users.
Basically, such notifications about the service are not the subject of the user’s choice. If the user does not want to receive such notifications about the service, it is recommended to enquire to

The customer service

The company contacts with the user to provide the information requested or inquired by the user and to manage the accounts. The communication with the users are conducted via e-mail using the e-mail address the user has registered in the app and the website.

The condition of the users’ information sharing

Collective information (unidentified personally)

The company may share the statistical information about the population, the cities, the countries (and other personally unidentified information) of counted users of the company with real and potential business partners and advertisers.

Other users

By participating in the conversation with other users via chats and messages within the app and the website, the other users in the conversation may confirm and receive not only the registered usernames of other users, but also the personal information that the user has allowed, chose and uploaded to share.


If the learner has participated in the conversation, lesson with the tutor using the video chat session or text message feature, then the tutor may confirm and receive not only the registered usernames of other users, but also the personal information that the user has shared through chatting and text message sessions.

Business partners

The company may conclude business contract and enter in mutual cooperative relation with the third person partner companies in order to provide improved service and product to the users via strategic cooperation. For this reason the company can reveal personally unidentified information to the third person partner companies under the consent of the users. The company does not provide or share the personal information to the third person except for the cases which the user has agreed with the company or the cases specified in the applicable laws and regulations.

Links to the other websites

There might be the links for the websites not managed by Fronty might be included among the links in the app and the website. Users should be cautious while accessing to other websites in the app and the website of the company. The company does not take responsibility for the privacy policies of other websites. The Privacy Policy of the company is applied only to the information collected by the app and the website of the company.


The company provides protection of the transmit/collection/storage of the personal information collected from the users. However, none of the electronic transmission/storage methods is safe 100%. The company is doing its best to protect the personal information of the users using the commercially allowed methods, but it cannot guarantee the absolute safety.

The users outside Korea

Fronty basically utilizes the technical facilities of Korea. The information of the users kept in the company might be also treated in the facilities of other countries. Even if the users’ country has strict privacy protection standards, the users agree that by using the app and the webstie the personal information of the user can be transmitted to other countries.

The change of personal information protection policy

The company may modify the Privacy policy in order to apply the changes of the service related to the app, the website and related laws. If the privacy policy is changed then the company publishes the changes, and the amended Privacy policy takes effect after 7 days from the publied date. But if there is a major change related to the users’ right, the content of the amendment will be notified within 30 days.


: If you have any questions or recommendations regarding the privacy policy of our company, please enquire