New stage of the global language exchange is open for everyone

  • Fronty Inc. in Seoul, South Korea, has launched the video chat language tutoring service, Ziktalk.
  • Teach and learn languages anytime and anywhere on your smartphones



Ziktalk is a worldwide language tutoring marketplace for the smartphones. Ziktalk has enhanced its practicality, by allowing practice languages with native speakers without using any other programs whenever the user wants, and the only tool required is a smartphone.

The biggest advantage of Ziktalk is the diversity of tutors. According to Ziktalk staff members, the native speakers registered in Ziktalk exceeds 1,000 people from 61 countries and 400 cities, and amongst them there are various experts such as a former instructor from Oxford University, an activist from international refugee camp, former docent of LA County Museum of Art, an Israeli English teacher with 10 years of experience etc.

Also it is noteworthy that Ziktalk is a platform opened for everyone, so its users are always may apply as a tutor in Ziktalk and teach their native tongue to other learners.

One of the features of Ziktalk is that it is an on-demand service which does not require booking for lessons and limit the time of the lessons; therefore the users can conduct lessons whenever and wherever possible.

Ziktalk tutors may freely set their hourly wage within the range of 5 to 50 dollars.

Abraham Shim, the head of Ziktalk development team, has said that “while studying the foreign language, it is utmost important to talk with the native speakers about an hour every day” and asserted that “the development team will devote themselves to improve the service by listening to the voices of the users”.

Ziktalk service is currently available for Android devices and can be downloaded in Google Play store. iOS version of Ziktalk is expected to be released in November this year.