“Smartphone is the new classroom.” Meet Ziktalk, the Uber of language tutoring

– Over 1,000 native speakers from the 400 cities of 60 countries

– Teach and learn the languages anywhere and whenever just with a smartphone


With the emergence of the sharing economy, various platforms have introduced new occupations. If you have a car, you can be an Uber driver. If you have a spare room, you can be an AirBnB host. And if you can speak, now you can be a tutor in Ziktalk, the app which allows you to make money by teaching your native language.

Ziktalk, released by Fronty Inc. in Korea, is an on-demand video chat language tutoring marketplace, which allows everyone to teach their native language and practice languages with the conversation partners in overseas via smartphone, whenever and anywhere.

Unlike other language exchange apps or video tutoring programs, the system of Ziktalk is simple and straightforward, so the users may use the app with no instruction required. Just look through the list of tutors registered in Ziktalk, check out their profiles and introduction videos and call them right away. Tutors can set their hourly wage from 5 to 50 dollars per hour according to their academic and language levels, so the users can attend the lessons from the native speakers beginning from 5 dollars per hour. And Ziktalk has a fairly rational payment system, as the fee is charged not by the monthly basis, but by the minutes spent with the tutors.

Another special feature of Ziktalk is that it doesn’t require reservations for the lessons. Making reservations for lessons sometimes made difficulties for many students to keep up with their own schedules. But Ziktalk is an on-demand system, so the users can access whenever comfortable, and contact with the tutors who are online at that time in real time.

Also it is noteworthy that the lesson hours are not limited as well. Sometimes the students have felt that the lesson hours are either excessive or lacking, but Ziktalk allows its users to talk as long as they want. So as long as you have a smartphone, you can attend or give a lesson whenever and anywhere.

The biggest advantage of Ziktalk is the diversity of the tutors. Ziktalk is open for all kinds of experts of various fields from various nations with diverse backgrounds, and the users can check the profiles of the tutors and find the tutor with whom they can share various topics. Currently around 1,000 users from 400 cities of 61 countries have shown inclination to begin tutoring in Ziktalk, and amongst the applicants there were a former instructor from the Oxford University, a human right activist from international refugee camp, a former artist who worked in LA County Museum of Arts for 20 years, an Israeli English instructor with 10 years of experience etc., and the users can talk with them only for a price for a cup of coffee.

Currently Ziktalk is receiving attention as a new stage of the sharing economy, as everyone can apply as a tutor. Ziktalk does not require high qualifications from its tutors, as the Ziktalk development team aims for the marketplace where the tutors with various specialties and backgrounds can share their experience with the users. The users can apply as a tutor by completing a simple process, and tutors can set their wage freely from 5 to 50 dollars per hour.


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