Korean tutor story #3

When I lived in England…

My husband was placed in England as a resident worker, so I had lived in London with my children for 3 and half years. I had some expectations and worries as it was my first time to live outside. And the life in England was much harder in the beginning than I expected. Even though I have been studying English from the middle school, the language barrier was the biggest obstacle for me.

However, my children who even didn’t learn the Alphabets before, began to talk in English after 6 months of attending public school, and even invited their British friends over to hang out even though they still had some problems with communication.

And I heard that people at the church are friendlier to new people, compared to the most of people in Britain, who are known to be rather indifferent, quiet and reluctant to befriend foreign people. So I decided to attend the local English church. Well, I was more interested in making friends, rather than the religion.

I was feeling lonely before, but at the church I met the grandmas who treated me as their own daughter and befriended with people of my age. And thanks to them I was able to learn about the British culture and English language. I still remember them as warmhearted people who treated me as one of them and tolerated my broken English and bad pronunciation.

So I would like to say that the best way to learn the language is to take courage, befriend the local people and be the part of their society. As my British friends understood and tolerated the cultural difference, as a Korean teacher I will as well understand and tolerate the other cultural backgrounds to help my students to open their mind for the communication.