Korean tutor story #2

I always advice my students living in Korea to not only focus in learning the Korean language, but also to experience the Korean culture itself. And I urge you to feel the Korean culture. I recommend you, for example, to make and taste the Korean food, study Korean manners and customs, visit famous sites of Korea, like the palaces, museums, memorials and other places, where you can study the tradition and history of Korea. (Also listen to the explanations of the guide, if there is one who speaks your language.) Such experience will help you to learn and understand Korean language and culture in its natural way.

So I used to plan field trips in my curriculum about once in two months for the students who can’t afford such opportunities, and we traveled around the Seoul city or went outside the city to visit places mentioned above. Students had enjoyed such experience a lot.

And as I acquired the instructor certification for foods for kids, I have decided to teach Korean home meals for Japanese people who are interested in Korean cuisine. I prepared curriculum based on various materials in Korean language, so people could learn Korean cuisine and specific words used in cookery, which are hardly taught in Korean lessons.

Also at the end of every cooking lesson we gathered around, shared the food and tried to express their thoughts about the cooking and the taste in Korean. Also students could take away the food we made today. They really had fun and were satisfied during the classes.