Korean tutor story #1

Hello there, Dear Ziktalk users!

I’m Eun-Young Park and I’m living in Seoul, Korea.
I began teaching when I was on working holidays in Australia. I stayed there for an year and met many friends who wanted to study Korean language. So I talked a lot with the friends in Australia who majored or studied Korean language. So it seems that my Korean has got a lot better than my English. Well, from this experience I would like to share my tips to improve Korean!

1. Find common interests!

Topics are important to keep your conversation going, no matter you are fluent in Korean or not. Because you might easily distract from conversation and get tired of practicing Korean, if you’re talking about things that you are not interested. Try to switch conversation topics from time to time!

2. Use popular Korean social media!

Make new friends in Korea and have fun with them! I have an Australian friend who likes to hang out with Korean friends. He loves to make new friends and text with them on Kakaotalk, Facebook and other social platforms that are popular in Korea. And his Korean has improved very quickly thanks to the active on-line communication with his friends. I think it is a very efficient method.

3. New vocabulary? Look it up yourself first!

If your teacher tells you the meanings of new vocabulary right away, you might forget those words and phrases very easily! When you are studying Korean vocabulary, you should look it up yourself first, and then check again for the exact meaning when you’re with your Korean teacher. It will make you easier to remember.


These are my tips of learning Korean language. And of course I will use them in my lessons too.

So if you would like to study Korean with me, you know where to find me!